Monday, February 23, 2009

Prodigy grow up


I DON'T know about invaders, but I'm gunning for the Loughborough Echo postman who decided to deliver the mail a few hours late this Monday, while I waited impatiently for my Prodigy promo to arrive.
On listening, this full-throttle dance-punk album is unlikely to be associated with Monday morning - this is prime after-dark material - but it certainly blew away my sniffles for an hour or so.
A reinvention of the group's rave roots - most evident on Take Me To the Hospital - with beats meatier than Ron Jeremy's lunchbox, Invaders Must Die is an aggressive, organised assault on the senses.
Layered levels of thunderous basses and skittering electro dominate, melding with the returning punk spits of Keith Flint, making this the group's best work since Fat Of The Land.
An essential dance album sure to take over the airwaves, if you let Invaders Must Die pass you by, you'll be making a grave mistake.

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