Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pipes is Jumpen at the chance

A SINGER and songwriter from East Leake is set to storm the charts across Europe - after contacting Dutch hitmaker DJ Patrick Jumpen via e-mail.
Damian Pipes, who works for A2Z Computer Products in Belton Road West, Loughborough, was told to contact the Dutch DJ, who has scored several chart hits in European countries including Holland and Germany, by a colleague.
Jumpen was looking for a songwriter to pen vocals for a new track, Solis Invicti - and when Mr Pipes sent across his lyrics, the pop star got back in touch.
Mr Pipes said: “Although I would normally write and sing country and pop music I decided to have a go at writing the lyrics to his new ‘Jump Style’ dance track.
“He sent me an instrumental beat that he had created, so I wrote the lyrics and I sang the song according to the melody and sent him a demo copy of my work.
“After consideration Patrick agreed that this was what he was looking for and told me that I had got the job of singer as well as lyric writer for the project.
“I was over the moon that a chance to help release a song into the charts had finally happened.”
The track, Solis Invicti, is available from

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