Monday, August 03, 2009

Keziah takes it higher


AS A teaser for the forthcoming album Nigerian Wood, which was released worldwide apart from the US and UK in 2008, Keziah Jones's blufunk is showcased brilliantly on his Nigerian Funk EP.
Although only a smattering of UK readers will be aware of Lagos-born, London-based Jones's back catalogue, the guitarist and singer - who guested on Amadou Et Mariam's excellent Welcome To Mali last year - is actually five studio albums to the good.
So his own unique blufunk style, which sees raw funk mixed with a little blues, a hint of rock and splash of soul and a chunky slice of African rhythm is down to a T here.
And over the five tracks there's a surprising amount of variety too - Nigerian Wood is funk-driven, Lagos vs New York is undeniably African, while International Area Boy is almost Blood Sugar Sex Magic-era Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Original, overtly political and likely to make you wiggle, Nigerian Funk is an impressive introduction to a rising star.

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