Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't Ignore The Cribs


WAKEFIELD family firm The Cribs have been joined by former Smiths tunesmith Johnny Marr for their new album Ignore The Ignorant.
But it's business as usual for the Jarmans - just straightforward rock and roll that you'd be foolish to overlook.
Marr's jangles slot nicely into crisp Cribs compositions such as We Share The Same Skies, adding an extra dimension to the group's sound.
And while there's no big hit here that will hoist the group to the top, the solid Ignore The Ignorant will surely continue the group's steady ascent up the charts.


  1. You sell cribs, judging by your website.
    Which song by The Cribs do you mean exactly?
    Call me a cynic but I'll wager you haven't actually heard any.


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