Thursday, April 10, 2008

Top exclamation marks

DISORDER, more than any other word in the English language, encapsulates the work of Leeds' ¡Forward, Russia!, in every sense.
For not only do the band write chaotic, rabble-rousing, proletariat-inciting At The Drive In-style rock, up until 2006 they also named their songs the number of the order in which they were written.
Therefore their singles to date have been Nine, a double A-side of Thirteen and Fourteen, Twelve, a re-release of Nine, then Eighteen, Nineteen and, most bizarrely, Don't Be A Doctor.
So with Life Processes, as you would expect, you can count on the band for more of the same punk-funk emo and jarring alternative indie that dares the listener not to hate it.
And for the best part, for all ¡Forward, Russia!'s spiky eccentricity and refusal to conform, Life Processes is the album you love to hate – sure, it's a shaken fist rather than a pat on the back, but sometimes, not every day, but sometimes, you just want to be challenged.

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