Thursday, April 03, 2008

A break from tradition

DESPITE me having written news articles for the Echo smaller than the title of this release, the new 65 Days Of Static EP itself is all too brief.
The Distant and Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties is a 17-minute long experiment by the instrumental math rock band, whose usual sound is primarily guitar driven, sounding like Mogwai with hammers, mixed with a splash of sampled drums.
However here the Sheffield band would be more at home on the dancefloor than in a mosh pit, having turned for four tracks towards breakbeat and techno.
And the results are an intense, brooding, atmospheric, dense scuffle between thumping beats and post rock growls.
According to some sources the band take their name from the amount of time it takes to render a listener insane with white noise, however here the noise just doesn't last long enough - perhaps a full length dance album would not be such a crazy idea...

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