Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hooray for Moray


FOLK visionary Jim Moray is as slippery as his eel-like moniker would suggest.
For Jim, who called off a date at Loughborough Town Hall to apply the finishing touches to Low Culture, is equally at home with traditional English folk as he is experimenting with grime.
And I don't mean doing unspeakable things in a mudbath...
For example on this album Jim Moray's experimental leanings are mainly sated by a collaboration with Bubbz, a British rapper.
And I don't mean he's traditional sword dancer...
That said, overall he is still more Seth Lakeman than Patrick Wolf, and Low Culture has more moments of folk than moments of 'what the folk?' in it.
Interesting, individual and easy-on-the-ear, Low Culture deserves high praise indeed.

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