Friday, July 04, 2008

Go with the Flobots

ALTHOUGH not yet handed a UK release, you should be up in arms if you can't get to hear Flobots' LP Fight With Tools.
Flobots are a band bubbling under in the US and set to explode into the big time with a sound that fuses hip hop and alternative rock, demonstrating a mass appeal similar to Linkin Park, NERD and Rage Against The Machine.
However, as sophomore album title Platypus would suggest, Flobots are a totally unique beast.
The Denver group have an approach to making hip hop that's more stripped down than Lil Kim, with MCs Jonny 5 and Brer Rabbit's barbed, intelligent diatribes backed by a raw live band of guitar, bass, drums and most strikingly violin and trumpet.
The result is music that is individual, intelligent, exciting, and well worth the extra few quid it'll cost to buy it on import.


  1. Hi there, Flobots are coming to the UK!

    They are releasing a split single with The King Blues on 4th August entitled 'Mayday!!!/Let's Hang The Landlord'.

    Also, they will be releasing their single 'Handlebars' on 15th September, Zane Lowe has played this track 3 time on his show on Radio 1 last week and is a big fan.

    The album 'Fight With Tools' will be released digitally from 14th July (next week!) and physically on 22nd September.

    They will be on tour here in the UK at the end of September as part of their European tour. So now you know!

    Check out - their official UK mircosite.

  2. Flobots is really great! I love what it... The new album is now out! I really love it, I could listen to it on that's really nice!


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