Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blindfolds Aside worth a look


I DON'T normally post about unsigned Loughborough bands, but for an amateur act, Blindfolds Aside are an incredibly slick outfit and worth checking out.
The band, who have released a new four-track EP this week through their myspace site, shift from pummelling riffs to melodic sections with consumate ease.
Opening track Waking The Wookie is remisicent of this year's Download headliners Lostprophets, before Minotaur's brutal riffing gores its way over the speakers.
Bands of Blindfolds Aside's ilk can often falter when the volume drops, but It's Colder On The Other Side Of The Pillow shows the Loughborough band can handle both sides of the soft-loud dynamic, and EP closer The Adventures Of Dr Dogbottle And Trenchfinger has the feel of a furious live favourite.
It's no surprise on this showing that Blindfolds Aside are attracting label interest – they really are a must-see band.

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