Monday, July 07, 2008

A lovely bunch of songs

EL BAILE Aleman, on paper, should be the musical equivolent of eating a chalk and cheese sandwich.
Zany German dance artist Uwe Schmidt covering Kraftwerk songs under the pseudonym Senor Coconut, with added cha-cha-chas - makes you cringe in anticipation, and that's before you're halfway into the spoken word intro...
But this Senor Coconut interpretation of the synth-wielding pioneers is actually pretty tasty.
Although performed solely by Schmidt - who you may also know as Flanger, Geez 'N' Gosh, Los Negritos, Mono™, Atom Heart, Machine Paisley, Bi-Face, Masters Of Psychedelic Ambiance, Lisa Carbon, Fonosandwich, i, The Roger Tubesound Ensemble, and many, many, many more - and put together on a computer desktop, the album has a swinging live sound, like the cheesiest, and possibly chalkiest, Latin combo you can imagine plucking away in the corner with big fat grins on their moustached faces.
Tracks like Tour De France and The Robots just shouldn't work this well, but they really do.
The only problem is that all the tracks work in the same way, and there's only so many times a joke bears repitition - you could say that Senor Coconut milks it...

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  1. Can I just apologise to regular readers of Isaac Ashe's Sound Advice for this post's lack of puns.
    Not once did I say that Senor Coconut was a shy individual, or that he had a husky voice, or that his album was a veritable bounty.
    I didn't mean to palm you off with a substandard review.
    Oil flesh it out better next time.


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