Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Party animals


I EMPLORE you to go ape for Sample And Hold, the reworking of Simian Mobile Disco's debut Attack Decay Sustain Release.
For the new release, the duo of James Shaw and James Ford - who have something of a reputation as remixers themselves - have hand-picked some phenomenal takes on their tracks for this album.
Chief among them are Shit Robot, whose house reworking of It's The Beat is a real grower, and Joakim, whose intrerpretation of Hustler could just be the coolest dance track to escape my speakers this year.
And although many remix albums end up as a case of too many cooks, Sample And Hold manages to knit together throughout.
With this LP, Simian Mobile Disco are true party animals.


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  4. Hey thanks for the comment,
    great site, you have very similar music taste to me in some respects, and you obviously know what your talking about 8)
    will be back for more sound advice


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