Saturday, July 05, 2008

Unkle relatively good

ARE you sitting uncomfortably? Good, because Unkle's fourth studio album, End Titles... Stories For Film, is an unsettling, sweeping, cinematic slice of brooding electronica.
Obviously Unkle have been watching a few video nasties.
For the album, featuring input from Queens Of The Stone Age's Jose Homme, Black Mountain and White Denim among others, is a dark affair.
With strings and swells and ambient sections punctured by skittering, forceful drums and breakbeats and a heavy rock influence evident throughout, the epic End Titles... Stories For Film represents a return to the A-list for Unkle after 2007's take-it-or-leave-it War Stories.


  1. Goldsworthy hasn't been a part of UNKLE since the first album. After that, DJ Shadow took his place, then Richard File(whom recently parted ways with Lavelle). So you might want to correct your post about the members whom were inspired by films for the creation of that album.

  2. Have done, and thank you for pointing that out, mysterious stranger.


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