Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog Party


SINCE the wilds of time before Silent Alarm, I have been a massive advocate of Bloc Party's.
I remember waiting impatiently for the group's debut to be released, and again when follow-up A Weekend In The City was released.
However this cheeky new LP snuck up unexpectedly - but what a nice surprise.
As we've come to expect from Bloc Party by now, Intimacy is engaging and cerebral musically, but still kicks out the jams in all the right places despite a greater reliance on computers than before.
Straddling a fine line between their indie roots and their electronic tendancies, Intimacy is both a breath of fresh air and comfortingly familiar - if you're not yet intimate with Bloc Party, it's time to pucker up.


  1. Just saw your blog introduced on Blogcatalog's Introduce Your Blog notification. Welcome. Also noticed that you are a journalist. Good to have a professional in the blogosphere. Perfect title for your blog. Finally, London is one of my favorite cities in the world, and the Victoria and Albert one of my favorite museums.

  2. Thanks for dropping by - the more the merrier!


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