Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Emily Jane alright


SAN Franciscan Emily Jane White's debut LP Dark Undercoat definately gives the impression there's something a little shadier underneath.
On the surface the folk singer's stripped-down songs are delicate compositions, but on closer inspection they become a little disturbing.
Especially with lyrics like: "Not much to do when you've got time on your side, you sit and think about your wasted life."
S Club 7 it ain't.
Like PJ Harvey's White Chalk, Emily Jane White's barren soundscape creates a real feeling of suspense - like a good horror movie - but ultimately there's no killer blow here.
And the tone combined with the lack of wax and wane in the music somestimes results in the LP feeling like a bit of a dirge.
However overall Dark Undercoat shows a bright talent to keep an eye on.

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