Thursday, October 30, 2008

Razorlight dull

HALF English, half Swedish rock band Razorlight used to exude the kind of cutting edge brilliance that their name would imply.
Debut album Up All Night spawned six singles and their eponymous follow-up saw a further five, including trans-atlantic fight America, which was a chart-topper.
However on listening to latest effort Slipway Fires' tracklisting, it's hard to see where the singles are going to come from.
Show me a Razorlight fan that didn't raise an eyebrow when they first heard slow burner Wire To Wire as the album's lead single instead of their usual raucous rockers, I'll show you a man with no eyebrows.
But after listening to the album, it turns out that Wire To Wire is the most infectious track here.
The rest, with the possible exception of Hostage Of Love, is underwhelming, piano-driven filler.
Razorlight used to be a cut above - on Slipway Fires they're just dull.

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