Sunday, June 06, 2010

Cast effective


LEGENDARY rocker Rory Erickson, once part of the group The 13th Floor Elevators who blazed a trail for psychedlic and garage rock in the '60s, returns alongside Okkervil River to release his first album in 14 years.
But instead of a straight retread of his past glories, Love Cast Out All Evil is instead a collection of confessional country and western akin to the Indian summer of Johnny Cash's career.
Of course, this collection can't compare on the low-key numbers - Cash could make a grown man weep with the likes of Hurt.
But Erickson laces the rest with echoes of his past work, hints of punk and metal and splashes of psych, and covers biographical subject matter such as mental illness and jail time, making a collection that's more than engaging enough.

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  1. Thanks for the news. I wasn't aware that Roky was releasing new material. I think his best years are behind him unfortunately. It pains me to say it, but I'm afraid this album is going to be a disappointment, and all too similar to the old acoustic bootlegs from the 80's, which I can't say that I really enjoyed. Nevertheless, I'll still be sure to pick it up when it is released, if nothing other than to support Roky. Thanks once again for the news.


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