Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wurz up


WORKING as a journalist, I know first hand that politics is a particularly unpredictable subject - but not many people could have foreseen the dying throes of a Labour Government throwing 1970s novelty act The Wurzels into the limelight.
As a protest at taxes being hiked on cider, earlier this year a Facebook campaign was set up to try and get their classic I'm A Cider Drinker into the charts, and tens of thousands of people signed up.
So cashing in, a new collection, A Load More Bullocks, has been put together - and, although I must declare an interest as I hail from Somerset and I regularly drink cider, I have to say it's worth a listen.
Sure, some covers don't really work and Spinal Tap cover Sex Farm, a parody of a spoof, is all a bit much.
But I defy anyone not to smile the first time they listen to their West Country reworking of Kaiser Chief's Ruby.

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