Friday, June 18, 2010

Lissie uninspiring


LISSIE, whose now-redundant surname is Maurus for the record, is a hotter tip than a rubbish dump that's on fire.
The singer has been touted as 2010's top female singing sensation, the American Midwest's answer to similarly-single-named Duffy, if you will.
And yes, her vocals are sublime, with a distinctive warble weighted with a hint of Sheryl Crow gravel.
But for me her country pop is all a bit, well, meh - catchy without hooks, cool without being edgy, twee without being corny.
She may be driving towards becoming a household name, but she's doing it down the middle of the road.


  1. strongly disagree. she is musical genius.

  2. I didn't say she was bad, just uninspiring. Jeez, you anonymous types don't agree with anything.

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  4. You're out of your mind, blogger.


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