Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fervour over Further


A BEST-OF compilation can be the death knell for a band - but for the Chemical Brothers, whose greatest hits Brotherhood was released in 2008, it seems to have spurred them on to wring even more from their big beat sound.
Initally I had thought recent single Swoon sounded a little aimless as a standalone, but on the LP as part of the eight tracks, which will each have an accompanying animated video, they all fuse with the feel of a DJ set.
With this focus and without the vocal collaborations that pockmarked previous outings, the melodic electronica feel harks back to their introduction Exit Planet Dust.
And with the extreme energy levels of pulsating psychedelic track after pulsating psychedelic track this album comes flying out of the speakers with the ferocity of a bull on Red Bull.
On Further, their seventh studio outing, the duo may well have taken their sound, well, further than ever before.

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