Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Chilli cold


HOW little I know about country music would break Billie Ray Cyrus’s heart.
Then again, as the music’s southern US cultural references don’t translate well to the setting of north Leicestershire, it’s not surprising I grew up listening to Garbage and Blur rather than Garth Brooks.
So it’s disappointing for me listening to Londoner Chilli Gold’s new album Waterfalls, as despite being the UK’s finest country export for the last decade, there’s not a hint of her hailing from these shores in her middle of the road music.
Quite frankly it’s a cheesy listen, and a mild cheese to boot.
Obviously this will be perfect for some listener's appetites, but I expected something a little more stimulating from someone with a name that could be used by both a porn star and a curry house.

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