Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Rifles hit the target


WITH their new album Great Escape, The Rifles are sure to be shooting up the charts.
A retro rocker which doffs its cap towards the likes of Carl Barat and Paul Weller, there's nothing here particularly new or innovative - it's just straightforward British indie rock.
Luckily it's done pretty well by the London four-piece, who deliver energetic tracks like The Great Escape and Fall To Sorrow with both barrels.
There's some dips in quality over the course of the LP, but for fans of the simple pleasures of indie rock this is well worth a shot.


  1. cant wait for this next week, i havent been fortunate to hear any of the leaked songs, only the single fall to sorrow, which is great. The album and an instore next week, its going to be rifle week

  2. go buy their album aswell! its brilliant, been listening to all day, cant get enough it

    check and click itunes button.

    itunes is probably the best bet…its pretty easy to do!

  3. I found out where you can post any photo's fans have of the guys, the rifles have their own flickr profile.


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