Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lambs Anger worth a gambol


MR OIZO, real name Quentin Dupieux, shot to fame on the back of Flat Eric's "theme" Flat Beat in 1999, and a decade later Lambs Anger demostrates the same knack for making heads nod with his fuzzy synth work.
The electro producer's latest LP, his fourth studio effort, is a grimy slice of dirty, funky, menacing dance that sounds like a drunken Daft Punk disco-dancing.
Although unlikely to see the producer emulate the success of his collaborations with Flat Eric - who is name-checked here and even appears on the cover art - tracks like Positif and Steroids, featuring French rapper Uffie, show that Mr Oizo is anything but one-dimensional.

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  1. Any cover that references Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali's surrelaist film 'Un Chien Andalou'is worth looking a little deeper into.


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