Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Boyz II much


FIRSTLY, I have to say that there's a lot to love on Love, Boyz II Men's latest.
Because technically, the vocal group stand head and shoulders above their peers - it's like comparing boys to, err, men.
They harmonise and warble and embellish their singing in a way that shows why Boyz II Men became the most commercially successful R&B group of all time.
But despite this, and the fact that the subject matter is emotion, I doubt either sweat or tears were shed in the recording sessions.
No, this is a karaoke cover version tour, their third covers album in a row, through the sort of love songs that litter the FM dial - The Beatles' In My Life, Take That's Back For Good, Goo Goo Dolls' Iris, Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time...
The overall effect is with all the robotic vocal showcasing and beefed up production, they forgot to put the emotion into the tracks - kind of a shame for an album titled Love.


  1. Boyz II Men is the best R&B group of all time. Thanks for the post.

    David Hitt
    Song Placements

  2. Based purely on vocal performance, Boyz II Men are without a doubt the best act I have seen live. Though I'm sure this latest offering is not a patch on Motown Hitsville, nevertheless I am looking forward to checking it out (hopefully very soon). Rubbish or not, after all these years I am still a loyal fan of theirs, as Emma Thompson says in Love Actually, "I love them and true love lasts a lifetime."

  3. I never said they were rubbish, just cold and ruthless.


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