Monday, December 07, 2009

Food continues to fulfill


TEN years of famine followed by a feast - after a decade of absence DJ Food has put out two EPs this year.
Back in June DJ Food, also known as Strictly Kev, put out One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World, and as if our mouths weren't watering enough, he's made it a brace with The Shape Of Things That Hum.
And then next year, a full album, Stolen Moments, lands on our plates.
Because if the quality of turntablist hip hop on The Shape Of Things That Hum continues, we're in for a treat - and judging by the fact one of the five tracks here is called Extract From Stolen Moments, it will.
The latest effort takes the template of the first EP's atmospheric jazzy breaks, stretching them out with a more ambient, sinister feel - mixing brooding pianos into the rattling percussion, bass rumbles and eerie samples.
If The Shape Of Things That Hum doesn't get you excited about the prospect of Stolen Moments, then go whistle.

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