Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tasty treat for fans of Food


AFTER almost a decade in hiatus, DJ Food - who is both a solo artist, Strictly Kev, and a collective of Ninja Tune artists, depending on what period of Food you are sampling - is laying on the first course of a veritable feast in the form of six new tracks.
And judging by this starter, One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World, we're in for a gourmet selection of turntablist hip hop over the coming year.
This release sees extras added to expected sublime use of ingenious samples - where does he find them? - and the trademark atmospheric jazzy breaks.
Brilliant opener The Illectrik Hoax features Broken Keys member Nathaniel Pearn under the guise of Natural Self dishing out Lyrics Born-style vocals over a frenetic beat, while elsewhere Ken Nordine and Dr Rubberfunk join in on Covered In Darkness' parts one and two respectively. It's tasty stuff - in fact, I recommend forking out for this, as well as the next two EPs being dished out soon, ahead of the new album Stolen Moments next year.

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