Monday, June 22, 2009

Revolution sets Cuban music free


AS WELL as cigars, rum, boxers and communism, music is one of the things that really puts Cuba on the map.
However outside Buena Vista Social Club's membership, most people would be hard-pushed to name any of the country's acts.
Feel free to correct me in this post's comments on this one...
But judging by Revolution - a fusion of young Cuban talent and established UK and US talent dubbed The Revolution - acts such as Orishas, Anónimo Consejo, Ariday Vega Martín and Sexto Sentido might be worth keeping an eye on.
Because working alongside pros such as Norman 'Fatboy Slim' Cook, UNKLE's Rich File, Björk knob-twiddlers Guy Sigsworth and Marius de Vries and Portishead producers Cameron McVey and Jan Stan, and sharing a bill will the likes of Moloko's Roisin Murphy, Lateef The Truth Speaker and Black Eyed Pea-in-a-pod Poet Name Life, the Cuban collective has crafted a vibrant LP that demands a listen.
Obviously with any musical amalgamations, there are hits - such as Cook's brace - and misses - such as the staid house of Dark House Love - but Revolution clearly shows there's enough talent in Cuba to rise up against the worldwide US and UK chart dominance.

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