Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mad to miss Crazy Arm


BORN To Ruin is quite an apt title for country punk group Crazy Arm's first album.
A debut offering was originally recorded by the Plymouth-based group in 2006, then completely scrapped, recorded again with new material in 2007, scrapped again, and then finally rewritten and put down on record earlier this year.
Fingers crossed the band let it get released on Monday and don't decide to step in again...
The results of the "hard-twang roots-punk" band's endeavours is a hard-hitting sound that's a bit Against Me!, a bit Fall Out Boy, a bit Offspring, with a rockabilly tint in places.
So if any of the aforementioned floats your boat, you wouldn't be mad going out on a limb and picking up a copy of Born To Ruin.


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