Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Look Norse


WERE I to be appointed as a talent scout, I can't imagine the first place I'd be packing my bags for would be Astrid Williamson's homelands, The Shetland Islands.
But I would be a ruddy fool to ignore the remote Scottish islands, judging by her fourth album, Here Come The Vikings.
Because belied by the rubbish album title are a handful of cracking songs such as Store, Crashing Minis and Shut Your Mouth which pillages the work of acts such as PJ Harvey, Ida Maria and Tori Amos to great effect.
Sure, a lot of the rest is forgettable, folk-tinged pop rock unlikely to see Here Come The Vikings settling in the charts - but there's enough here for Williamson to carry out a few raids into the mainstream, probably for the first time since her work with Goya Dress and Electronic back in the '90s.

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