Monday, June 08, 2009

Jetpacks sure to fly high


THE more perceptive of visitors to my humble blog will have noticed that These Four Walls, the debut offering from We Were Promised Jetpacks, has been one of The Recent Decent for several months now.
That's because I simply couldn't contain my eagerness to tell you all how stunning this album, which is finally out a week today, really is.
Over the course of the album, the brilliantly-titled We Were Promised Jetpacks - who were signed up on the basis of being Myspace friends with labelmates Frightened Rabbit - show a talent for emotion as well as being able to rock it.
With a Scottish drawl akin to The View they combine the pop know-how of Snow Patrol, the talent for the slow-burning epic of Sigur Ros, and the driving guitar work of Biffy Clyro.
And with all these factors fuelling These Four Walls, the result is a thrilling ride that should well skyrocket We Were Promised Jetpacks high into the charts.

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