Thursday, December 10, 2009

A toast to Beans On Toast


BEANS On Toast is value for money - the munch-monikered singer songwriter's debut album is a two-disc, 50-track collection of all his off-the-cuff songs crafted to date.
Standing On A Chair introduces Braintree bard Beans On Toast, and fans of simple pleasures will be simply delighted.
One man and his guitar act Beans On Toast, who sounds like Frank Turner on 40-a-day and moans like Billy Bragg during a general election, sings principally of sex, booze and drugs, as well as a smattering of foul-mouthed politics and social commentry.
Track titles like Binge Drinker, Junkfood Sex and I Fancy Laura Marling give you an insight.
The production is poor, the tracks are short, shallow and repetitive and Beans himself isn't exactly an endearing character throughout - but if you like cheap and cheerful, tuck in.

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