Sunday, September 28, 2008

Buy Belleruche

ONE that passed me by on it's inital release last year was Belleruche's debut, Turntable Soul Music.
Penned by dj Modest, singer Kathrin deBoer and guitarist Ricky Fabulous, the album is a fantastic halfway house between Cut Chemist and Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings.
If the London-based trio's album, a collection of rich, soulful trip hop, did the same to you, check it out now.

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  1. It's uncanny, but mere days after writing this post about how Belleruche's debut release passed me by, their second album was released to little fanfare without me knowing anything about it.
    Luckily, new LP The Express is also as good - so give it a listen, it's better late than never, eh?


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