Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wallet friendly unit shifter

EVERYBODY loves a bargain - that's probably why I put in all of this effort blogging just for a few promo CDs.
So why don't you get in on the action as well by snapping up a copy of Nick Catchdubs & Mr Ducker's online mix album Radio Friendly Unit Shifter.
It's a 38-track grungey nostalgia trip through songs such as Nirvana's Sliver, Soul Coughing's Super Bon Bon, Primus's Wynona's Big Brown Beaver and Weezer's El Scorcho, and it's free.
Click here to get a copy.


  1. Who are these fellas? Any more info on them?

  2. Nick Catchdubs is a Brooklyn-based Dj - you can see his site at - but I don't know about Mr Ducker.


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