Wednesday, September 03, 2008

No Metronomy for me


IF YOU'RE looking for someone to twiddle your knobs, and you're looking for someone to twiddle them good, then currently Metronomy, real name Joseph Mount, is your man.
One spin of Roots Manuva's Metronomy-produced Let The Spirit, the standout track from his 2008 Slime And Reason release, will testify to that.
But despite being an in-demand remixer - having previously fiddled about with the likes of Gorillaz, Klaxons, Franz Ferdinand and Kate Nash - with a blank canvas to work from, as on sophomore LP Nights Out, Devon-born Metronomy is left floundering.
Clearly Mount can pull a beat about with the best of them, but here there are just not engaging enough beats with which to do it.
A mash of squelchy fart basslines and '80s synth strings, everything up until about half-way through Radio Ladio is an absolute shambles.
That said there is some good work here - the pumping Heart Rate Rapid for example.
Overall the album's concept is based on wanting a good time and having a disappointing one, albeit on a night out - sadly this album encapsulates that theme a little too well.

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