Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rolo pretty sweet


ROLO Tomassi desribe their sound as "a joyous explosion of melody, noise, anger, youthful exuberance, getting into the groove, not feeling the need to compromise or make music for any other reason than the drive to create something unique, messy and wonderful, a love of science, experimentation and punk/hardcore/what-the-hell-is-that-core".
Kind of makes my job as a reviewer a tad redundant, don't you think?
Nevertheless, I'll soldier on.
An unlikely union of hardcore punk, freeform jazz and ambient, the Sheffield group's debut LP Hysterics is as hard to pin down as a greased hog.
Flitting from thrashabout punk to The Doors-influenced freakouts to serene ambient and back to throat-ruining hardcore again, the album balances precariously between experimental and just plain mental.
And on balance there are more moments or brilliance than otherwise on Hysterics - so go nuts.

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