Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Metallica alive and kicking


FIVE years after the disappointing St Anger, 2008 will likely be a memorable one for rock legends Metallica.
Following heralded live performances, the Rick Rubin-produced Death Magnetic hits stores this Friday - and boy will it hit them hard.
After a cursory listen - as promos have only been released today - from the heartbeat start to the comeback LP, you can feel this is going to be an epic - and with an average song length of around eight minutes, fans will not be disappointed with the effort put in by the band here.
A flurry of furious, frantic metal that has become the band's trademark over the last 25 years, opening combo That Was Just Your Life and The End of the Line sets a fast pace that doesn't relent throughout.
Top 20 single The Day That Never Comes and The Unforgiven III stand out in an album that's high on tempo, high in quality and hopefully high in the charts come next week as well.

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