Thursday, September 04, 2008

Little Jackie


ALTHOUGH this is Brooklyn-based duo Little Jackie's debut album, The Stoop is the latest in a long line of projects for the pair.
So no surprise that programmer Adam Pallin, whose CV boasts work with American Idol Elliot Yamin and ageing Welsh sexpot Tom Jones, and frontwoman Imani Coppola, who has previously worked with Digable Planets, Mike Patton's Peeping Tom and as a solo artist, have created a slick release.
Mixing a Motown vibe with hip hop production and presentation, The Stoop is a collection of genuinely credible pop tracks.
Not least in the list are current radio frenzy The World Should Revolve Around Me, the brilliant 28 Butts, and Katy Perry-trumping Guys Like When Girls Kiss.
But despite this plethora of singles, the album still retains, for me, the feel of one hit wonders a la Bran Van 3000 or Len.
Yes sirree, the whole world should revolve around Little Jackie - just not for as long as they might expect it too.

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