Friday, April 16, 2010

Grate Nash


QUINTESSENTIALLY British, and either loved or hated - I wouldn't be surprised if Kate Nash bathed daily in a vat of Marmite.
And new album My Best Friend Is You does little to bridge this gap.
Now I do quite like her plinky plonky piano pop compositions, and Kiss The Girl and Paris could both trouble the charts.
The problem for me is Nash's vocal - I think my very soul has an allergy to her accent, and her lyrics consist babbling inane, vaguely sarcastic nothingness.
And she's got a potty mouth.
It's no surprise that my favourite track is the rocky I Just Love You More, where all she says is "I just love you more" and "whooo" and occasionally something like "bibble".
Listening to her album, for me, is like having a pretty girlfriend with a deeply grating personality.

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