Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Plank! leave you beaming


YOU'D have to be thick as two short ones not to check out Manchester band Plank!.
Lumbering onto the scene with their self-titled Plank! EP, the instrumental group align themselves with post-rock acts like Maybeshewill, Errors and Lite.
And far from wooden, the group's four-track introduction is a swathe of forthright guitar and bass grooves - although the EP does run from their most penetrative track, Phlaa, to their least assertive moment, La Luna.
Nevertheless, if they keep up this form, I advise you to get on board when the full album arrives.


  1. I checked out their MySpace cause of your review - very cool very cool!

  2. Agreed, I'm super excited about the full-length.


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