Thursday, April 01, 2010

Jonsi no April fool


ALTHOUGH Iceland's Jonsi, full name Jonsi Birgisson, mixes post-rock with classical music, two of the most notoriously long-winded genres around, his debut Go is no wandering self-indulgence.
Instead the album from the Sigur Ros frontman proves he's no April fool - as he manages to fuse the awesome beauty of both genres in pop song nugget form, making it easy to digest.
Testement to this accessibility is the fact that Go is sung in English rather than Icelandic.
Lead single Go Do may just be the most insidiously haunting tracks to hit the radio this year, while elsewhere the likes of both stripped down Tornado and built up Hengilas both mix this directness with achingly beautiful production - all capped off by Jonsi's familiar vocals, which have already led Sigur Ros to international acclaim.
In short, Go, buy it.

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