Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mambo Loco motion


ANALOG Africa has taken a trip across the pond for it's latest release, Mambo Loco.
And although it may be more Analog South America, they'd have been mad to ignore the awesome accordion don Anibal VelasQuez and his work with Su Conjunto.
Colombian VelasQuez squeezes the funkiest sound I have ever heard emitted from a pair of bellows on these rare recordings from the 1970s, and fuses it with Colombian and Cuban carnival rhythms to create a style of his own, titled guaracha.
Amazingly, despite producing more than 300 LPs over the years, this sound has barely been heard outside of the Caribbean coast of South America - you'd be loco not to mambo down to your record store and sample it now you have the chance.

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