Monday, April 27, 2009



CASTROVALVA - a punk math rock band, if such a thing can exist - unleash their debut mini album on May 4.
The Leeds duo, who evoke the spirit of the short-lived pair Death From Above 1979 in ethos as well as application, literally batter their way through the eight-track listing.
Apart from the breather London Kills Me and Bellhausen, which features Leemun Smith as a deranged alternative Justin Hawkins, the eponymous album is an instrumental, heads-down blitzkreig of noise.
And Castrovalva, who share their name with an Italian village, an Escher sketch and an episode of Doctor Who, are either doing something very clever or very stupid underneath their shroud of feedback.
Either way, it's a lot of sweaty fun.
• You can download one of the tracks from Castrovalva, Triceratops, by clicking here.

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