Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dream on


DOWNLOAD-only EP Mr Wobble's Nightmare, the latest release from schizotronic DJ Kid 606, is hardly the stuff dreams are made of.
Berlin-based Venezuelan-born American electronica artist Kid 606, real name Miguel Trost Depedro, attempts to blend as many elements of as many different styles of dance music as he can into each track.
And as you can imagine, the results are a bit of a mess on the title track.
Most in line with the techno scene, Mr Wobble's Nightmare is a bass-heavy, plodding collection of morbid dance tracks which is least taxing - and therefore most enjoyable - on the less experimental tracks, such as Billionaire Bank Run.
It's not all bad - for example the lively Kanji Kinetic remix of Dancehall Of The Dead, the original of which is set to feature on Kid 606's forthcoming album Shout At The Donor.
But for the most part, Mr Wobble's Nightmare is in need of a wake-up call.

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