Friday, April 10, 2009

Thunder, thunder, Thunderheist, ho


YOU'VE heard of internet dating - how about internet collaborating? Because Canadian duo Thunderheist first made beautiful music together over the world wide web.
In fact, this happened by accident, before they even met in the flesh.
The hip hop electropop collaboration between producer Grahmzilla and MC Isis Salam took off when Grahmzilla accidentally sent MC Isis a track over the 'net, and before returning to sender she rapped over it.
One thing led to another, and well, the result is their eponymous album that's out on Monday.
And with female-fronted electropop riding high at the moment with the likes of Lady Gaga, Santogold and Ladyhawke all the rage, although it's a simple formula, there's no reason why the resulting sweaty, bass-heavy tracks and lusty lyrics of Thunderheist shouldn't have people shaking it too.


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