Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Brother The creative


DISCLAIMER - although I have given this album a four-star rating, by the time it's released on Monday I reserve the right to change my mind to award full marks for Our Brother The Native's latest.
When I first embarked on listening to Sacred Psalms, I had a three in mind, possibly even a two - I admit I was bored with it to begin with.
However in the space of a week or so, it's grown on me, like some sort of musical parasite.
Hell, it'll probably be in my Albums Of The Year 2009 come December.
The album is a strange one, with some tracks sounding more like a poetry reading over the top of an orchestra warming up being recorded from the far side of a cathedral than a pop song.
As the album progresses, the lyrics do come more to the fore and drums become more apparent in the disparate mixture of influences that the group layer.
With reference points in classical, post rock, folk, indie, world and much else along the way, yet standing alone, Sacred Psalms really is devine.

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