Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wave Pictures focused


DIFFICULT second album? What difficult second album?
David Tattersall, lead singer of Wymeswold's finest The Wave Pictures, said that If You Leave It Alone, the follow-up to 2008 debut Instant Coffee Baby, was a breeze to make.
And as the LP hits you like a breath of fresh air, you can hear that it was.
Although their rough busker charm and dry English wit is retained, their second outing is less ramshackle in production, and has some sublime touches such as the crescendoing horns on the title track.
Plus all of this is done with a smile on their faces - you only need listen to Bumble Bee, which reminds me of a British woodland animals version of Lou Reed's Walk On The Wild Side, to hear this is a band having fun.
Quite frankly this is the prolific band's best work to date - if you leave If You Leave It Alone alone, you'll regret it.

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