Wednesday, April 08, 2009

One worth tracking


LONDON-based Parisians Underground Railroad's new EP, Pick The Ghost, is a spirited affair.
The trio's latest five tracks, leftovers from their album Sticks And Stones, go full steam ahead through some more dirty, punky alternative rock which brings to mind some of last year's most pleasing releases such as The Kills' Midnight Boom.
However here you get the feeling that Underground Railroad, who take their name from the secret system of safe houses used to move black slaves to freedom in 19th Century America, have a lot more to give.
With all the feedback the tracks can turn into a bit of a dirge, which stifles the band's personality a lot of the time - it's no coincidence that the quirky stop-start Breakfast, where the band pause to let it all out, is the best track.
Although they're a band two albums to the good, you still get the feeling on Pick The Ghost that the trio's best is still yet to come.


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