Thursday, September 24, 2009

An education in Reuben


THE new two-disc plus DVD collection We Should Have Gone To University is a serious must for fans of Reuben.
But fans of the now-disbanded band probably don't need me to tell them that - in my experience they were pretty serious about cult act Reuben without being prompted.
I should know, I counted myself in that nerdy fanboy bracket - they were the first act I reviewed live, and I already own their three studio albums and a signed Let's Stop Hanging Out single - and yet this bumper collection is packed with material that's new to me.
Over nearly 50 tracks the group present a smattering of singles not on the albums, even festive effort Christmas Is Awesome, a host of b-sides and more rarities than you can shake a fist at.
And it all goes to demonstrate that the group had almost no peers in the middle ground between alt-rock and metal.

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