Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hook goes back in the daze


ALL the hallmarks of trailblazing Manchester superclub the Hacienda's glory days are captured on Peter Hook's two-CD mix Hacienda: Acid House Classics.
There are throbbing, flanging keyboard melodies, piano stabs, whistles and horns, triangle taps, plodding retro house beats, crowd roars and 1990s-voiced female MCs saying things like: "Yo DJ pump the bass."
The trouble is, for myself and anyone of the same age or younger, this is as much a history lessons as a new release - with only the Josh Wink and New Order tracks jogging any kind of nostalgia for me.
But if you were there, Hacienda: Acid House Classic will be an enjoyable trip back in time - especially with a corresponding book from the former New Order bassist also coming out.

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