Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Muse amuse


I DON'T normally stoop to reviewing albums that have already been released, being a supercool journalist with his finger on the pulse and all that jazz, but resisting The Resistance is futile.
Now the new Muse album isn't their best ever, but it is absolutely essential listening.
Because the album is theatrical and political, pompous and outrageous, silly and overblown and experimental, glam and opera and rock, and totally unique in 2009.
What The Resistance is, ultimately, is an album that's got people talking for all the right reasons - Trending Topic anyone?
What I will say, however, is if they persist in making music this overblown, at least they should start wearing capes or masks or wigs or something befitting - just a thought, lads.


  1. Muse already got everything actually (good tones, good sounds, and above average playing skill, especially that Bellamy) I just wish they would go a little wilder, sometimes it's good to be not too neat.

  2. I know what you mean, I think they had the balance right back at Origin Of Symmetry, when they knew how to really let rip.

  3. Yeah, great band though. I think they will be around for years and won't make their biggest hit for a while. Probably release a mega album in the next 5 years and retire afterwards! Anyone here like Mew at all? Not heard their latest, but they are awesome!

  4. Muse are one for posterity for sure.

    I have to confess I got sent the new Mew, but it was too late for a review so I lent it to our Sports Reporter, and haven't had it back! I shall chase it down on your recommendation, Porkchop.

    BTW thanks for signing up to the forum.


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