Thursday, September 03, 2009

Welcome Hobo into your home


EVERY Saturday night from now until Christmas, Simon Cowell and his cohorts will be searching for a new pop star, somebody with the elusive X-Factor.
Much as I enjoy the programme, it's already blatantly obvious that the show will, once again, be won by a vacuous warbler who goes on to contribute the sum total of bugger all to music.
These aren't the pop stars the music industry needs - we need pop stars like Charlie Winston.
A mere sniff of Winston's charisma would likely kill Alexandra Burke stone dead.
Hobo, the debut album from singer and his backing band The Oxymorons, which is already making inroads into European charts including a number one in France, has epic songs, it has funny songs, it has serious songs and it has songs about being a duck.
It has orchestras and beatboxing and brass and pianos and guitars, and most importantly it is dripping with personality.
Now Winston may overegg his songs sometimes here, such as Kick The Bucket - it is his first effort after all - but one thing's for sure, on spin of Hobo has more X-Factor than a month of Saturdays.

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